Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP)

News item published 12/12/22
When the predicted temperature for any night is below 0°, Folkestone and Hythe District Council will implement SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol).  This means they will provide accomodation for that night, to anyone who is rough sleeping in the district, to ensure people are kept safe in the event freezing temperatures.  
If you or someone you know is sleeping rough, they can present themselves at the Civic Centre by 4pm to request emergency accommodation, the earlier they present the easier it is for the council to help them.  However, if you become aware of someone after 4pm they can phone the out of hours team on 01303 221888, this should be before 10pm.
For rough sleepers with dogs the council will also arrange free-of-charge kenneling for each night SWEP is in place.
You can find out more about SWEP and access the protocol document here
We will post on Facebook when this is implemented.