Rainbow Shop to Re-open

We are delighted to share with you the fantastic news that our Rainbow Shop, having been shut for the past 12 weeks, will be re-opening on Tuesday 16 June.

As you may expect, things will look a little different for the foreseeable future, with social distancing measures put in place.  Sue, our Shop Manager has been working hard to put all the measures in place to keep everyone safe.  We now have a one-way system in the shop marked out on the floor and reminders to stay two metres apart.  There is a new screen around the till to protect customers and volunteers as well as a hand sanitising station on the wall just inside the door, and we will be limited to two customers in the shop at any one time.

You may wonder how we are ensuring our donated stock in the shop is safe for you to buy.  No donated items will be sorted, priced or put out for sale until at least 72 hours after we receive the donation.  We would also encourage you to sanitise your hands on entering and exiting the shop which should also mitigate any residual risk on top of all the measures we have put in place.

With this in mind, you will understand that receiving and managing donations will be a more complex and lengthy process than normal.  Due to this, we would really appreciate donors calling the shop (01303 274169) before bringing in donations to arrange a drop-off time, this will allow us to manage this process more smoothly.

Five of our 30 existing Shop volunteers are able to come back next week and we will be filling the other shifts with temporary volunteers who are currently furloughed or awaiting return to education.  We are so thankful that our regular volunteers feel supported enough to stay at home where that is necessary and this is absolutely the right choice for them.  We are also very grateful for those who are returning and those who have stepped in to plug the gaps temporarily, which not only allows us to open the shop, but secures the volunteer roles for those who are not yet able to return.  Please be patient with our volunteers as we all get used to these new measures whilst providing the best service we can to our customers. 

We have missed our volunteers and customers so much during recent weeks and are so looking forward to seeing you all again soon.