Money Matters

Supporting You Out of Debt to a Better Future

Money Matters is a partnership between Folkestone Rainbow Centre and Citizens Advice Shepway, helping local people who are struggling with their finances to regain control.

Once a client has been signed onto the programme, a volunteer mentor will work with them to understand their main worries or anxieties and support them to prepare for their meeting with a qualified Money Adviser from Citizens Advice.  The Adviser will work with the client and the volunteer mentor to develop a ‘money advice plan’ (MAP).

The volunteer mentor will support and enable the client to work through the money advice plan towards a debt-free future.

“What is different about our project is that we won’t just give people a plan to tackle their debt and leave them to it… we also want to help people feel happier about themselves and to get on a different path of life.  Our experience tells us that often people feel like they can’t tackle life’s big issues if they are facing a mountain of debt, because that can consume all their attention.”David Roseveare, Folkestone Rotary Club

How can we hlep?

We know it can take a great deal of courage to ask for help but we encourage you to reach out to us, we are here to provide non-judgemental support to enable you to regain control of your debt.

You can either:

  • complete our self-referral form and send it to
  • call us on 01303 850733

Please note: This service is not able to help you with a ‘Debt Emergency’ such as in impending court case, eviction etc.  If you have a debt emergency please contact Shepway Citizens Advice on 01303 241435

Could you be a Volunteer Mentor?

  • Do you possess empathy and understanding?
  • Can you encourage and motivate another person in a nonjudgemental manner through a process of significant life change?
  • Do you have strong orgnisational skills that you can teach to another person who may be feeling overwhelmed?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you have all the qualities to become a great Volunteer Mentor. All you need is a little training, which we can provide.

For further information and an application form, please call 01303 850733 or email today.

supported by The Philip and Connie Phillips Foundation