Move a Million Miles

Can you help us move a Million Miles this summer to raise funds for Rainbow Centre, South Kent Mind, The Sports Trust and Channel Rotary?

The Million Miles campaign is the brainchild of Channel Rotary Club (Folkestone) and they have set a very ambitious goal – our community covering one million miles over this Summer – walking, running, cycling, swimming – outdoors or in the gym, in the garden, on the golf course, on the football pitch – however you feel you can get involved. Everyone can contribute to this Million Miles target.

The more unusual the better – if you want to cartwheel round the garden? no problem; pogo stick to school? absolutely. Climb the stairs a hundred times? Excellent! Limited Mobility? How many steps do you do when mowing the lawn? How many miles can you travel by bus in a day? Take in as many local towns and villages as you can and count up the miles travelled – it all counts!

Our CEO, has already started her event and here is what she had to say:

“I am so excited about the Million Miles fundraising campaign because it’s an opportunity not to be missed; it is raising some serious funds to support local charities like the Rainbow Centre, which deliver vital services in our community. Personally, it’s also a wake-up call to ditch my couch and get back to routine exercise, so I am taking part. Over four months, I aim to clock 350 miles between May and September, walking and weekly swims. I know I will be fitter for it, and being sponsored to get fit is not bad after all. I will stay in touch, letting you know how I am getting on; cheer me on and if I can do it, you can too, so together, let’s raise the millions for good causes!”

Mary Stredwick, CEO

We are encouraging Friends of Rainbow Centre to get involved and get sponsored, to help us move as many miles as possible as a charity!

Staff, trustees, volunteers and supporters will be completing their own challenges over the summer towards the Million Miles goal – if you are completing a challenge we love to hear all about it, send details to

If you are not able to complete your own challenge please do consider sponsoring us through our ‘Rainbow Friends’ Just Giving page where you can find details about all the events over the coming months.