Count Your Blessings

April is our ‘Count Your Blessings’ fundraising month.  You can do it by yourself or get the children, parents, neighbours involved!  The idea is that whilst we are fundraising we appreciate all the blessings (good things) we have that other people may not be lucky enough to have.

All you need is a collection box, which you can collect from us (or use a jam jar, marg tub etc), and to read each days ‘daily thought’.  These are available each day on our Facebook and Twitter or you can pick up a full list at the Rainbow Centre.

Then each day throughout April, count your blessings according to the daily thought and pop the relevant number of 10 pence peices into your collecting box.  For example:

April 19th says – ‘If your family has had to be housed in a Bed and Breakfast accomodation, living quarters can be very small, give 10 for every room in your house’ – so if you had a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms it would be 5 x 10p = 50p in the box.

At the end of the month return your collecting box to the Rainbow Centre.

This fundraising challenge will truly help the work of the various aspects of the Rainbow Centre: Homeless Support Service, FoodStop, Shepway Foodbank, Family Contact Centre, Folkestone Churches Winter Shelter.

Why not get started today!!  If you have missed the first few days you can always catch-up by looking back at our facebook or twitter posts by searching #CountYourBlessings